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Underground Cover 

`Underground' by Suelette Dreyfus
with research by Julian Assange
475 pages with bibliography
ISBN: 1 86330 595 5
RRP $19.95 AUD (approx. $11 USD)
Published June 1997 by Random House Australia

Note for those seeking the printed edition -- Amazon.com does not stock books published by Random House Australia. Several other sources for the print version of Underground are listed on the online ordering page.

FormatNameSize (bytes)
Text, ZIPunderground.zip358k
Text, GZIPunderground.txt.gz356k
Text, BZIP2underground.txt.bz2256k
HTML, browseableunderground/-
HTML-russian, browseableunderground-russian/-
HTML, ZIPUnderground_HTML.zip364k
HTML-russian, ZIPUnderground-russian-html.zip324k
HTML, TAR, GZIPUnderground_HTML.tar.gz364k
MS WordUnderground.doc1495k
MS Word, ZIPUnderground-doc.zip431k
RTF, ZIPUnderground-rtf.zip356k
Text, unformatted (for speech synthesisers)underground-speech-text.txt358k
Text, unformatted (for speech synthesisers), browseableunderground-speech-text/-
Text, unformatted (for speech synthesisers), ZIPunderground-speech-text.zip375k
Text, unformatted (for speech synthesisers), TAR, GZIPunderground-speech-text.tar.gz356k
Web Make book sourceindex.wmk948k
MS ReaderUnderground.lit477k
Apple Newton Docunderground.sit280k
Palm Basic Docunderground.pdb519k
Palm Teal Docunderground-teal.pdb520k
Palm iSilo DocUnderground_iSilo.pdb434k
Palm Plucker DocUnderground_Plucker.pdb392k

The Newton, MS Reader and Palm formats will let you read Underground on various handhelds. For the palm, the quality of the formatting is roughly in this order: PalmReader, Plucker, iSilo, Teal, Basic. PlamReader is significantly better than Plucker and iSilo which are in turn significantly better than Teal and Palm Basic.

Audio books

Are you a famous blind internet uber-geek?. Never fear; just beg, borrow or steal an mp3 player and to listen to Underground whilst trekking, tramping, trashing, snoozing or... becoming that other kind of blind. Thinking of making your own spoken audio version? Let us know.

DescriptionSpeakerFormatFile-nameSize (bytes)
Front PageFestival, OGIRABMP3 24khz 32kbps01-front-page.mp3474K
Electronic Introduction, AuthorFestival, OGIRABMP3 24khz 32kbps02-electronic-introduction-dreyfus.mp31.53M
Electronic Introduction, ResearcherFestival, OGIRABMP3 24khz 32kbps03-electronic-introduction-assange.mp31.94M
Copying PermissionFestival, OGIRABMP3 24khz 32kbps04-copying-permission.mp3119k
ContentsFestival, OGIRABMP3 24khz 32kbps05-contents.mp3196k
AcknowledgementsFestival, OGIRABMP3 24khz 32kbps06-acknowledgements.mp3305k
IntroductionFestival, OGIRABMP3 24khz 32kbps07-introduction.mp31.47M
Chapter 1Festival, OGIRABMP3 24khz 32kbps08-chapter-1.mp321.12M
Chapter 2Festival, OGIRABMP3 24khz 32kbps09-chapter-2.mp319.63M
Chapter 3Festival, OGIRABMP3 24khz 32kbps10-chapter-3.mp317.74M
Chapter 4Festival, OGIRABMP3 24khz 32kbps11-chapter-4.mp317.48M
Chapter 5Festival, OGIRABMP3 24khz 32kbps12-chapter-5.mp325.25M
Chapter 6Festival, OGIRABMP3 24khz 32kbps13-chapter-6.mp314.97M
Chapter 7Festival, OGIRABMP3 24khz 32kbps14-chapter-7.mp320.03M
Chapter 8Festival, OGIRABMP3 24khz 32kbps15-chapter-8.mp316.08M
Chapter 9Festival, OGIRABMP3 24khz 32kbps16-chapter-9.mp319.33M
Chapter 10Festival, OGIRABMP3 24khz 32kbps17-chapter-10.mp317.60M
Chapter 11Festival, OGIRABMP3 24khz 32kbps18-chapter-11.mp312.66M
AfterwordFestival, OGIRABMP3 24khz 32kbps19-afterword.mp313.55M
GlossaryFestival, OGIRABMP3 24khz 32kbps20-glossary.mp31.69M
NotesFestival, OGIRABMP3 24khz 32kbps21-notes.mp32.29M
BibliographyFestival, OGIRABMP3 24khz 32kbps22-bibliography.mp33.36M

Special thanks to Justin Mason who generously contributed the HTML, Plucker and iSilo formats, to Anders Molin who contributed the RTF and MS-Reader formats and to Jan Lund Thomsen for the great PalmReader format.