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640-176 The Solar System and the Cosmos
136-175 The Ecological History of Humankind
600-101 Science 101
107-152 Beginners Latin A
175-105 Introduction to Language
161-104 Critical Thinking: The Art of Reasoning
161-108 Reason, Religion and Responsibility
161-012 Classics of Political Thought
161-023 Medieval Philosophy
161-024 Issues in Biomedical Ethics
161-030 The Rise of Modern Philosophy
161-214 The Philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein
161-217 Kant's Metaphysics of Experience
136-033 Science, Reason and Reality
136-354 Controversies in Philosophy of Science
433-171 Introduction to Programming
103-005 Cybersociety
136-077 Psychoanalysis and Social Theory
136-029 Darwinism
126-127 Beginners German B
131-125 Great Civilisations A
131-154 The World Since World War Two: 1945-1972
131-165 Screen Writing History: History on Film
131-124 Total War in Europe: World War One
131-048 Hitler's Germany
131-050 The Russian Revolution 1890-1924
131-079 Slavery & Freedom: US History 1790-1900
131-085 Witches and Witch Hunting in Europe
131-232 Elizabeth I: Power and Patriarchy
131-153 Age of Revolution: French Revolution
109-102 Beginners Russian B
106-091 Writing for Performance
136-074 Society: Revolutions to Social Movements
106-036 Postmodernism
512-120 Introductory Experimental Psychology 1
512-222 Behavioural Neuroscience 2
166-108 Modern Political Ideologies & Movements
166-029 World Politics in Transition
131-225 Terrorism in Modern Conflict
107-127 Everyday Life in Greece and Rome
107-128 Introduction to Archaeology
107-213 Imperial Insanity: Mad Emperors of Rome
650-141 Biology of Cells and Organisms
106-102 Modern Literature
106-109 Shakespeare's Theatre
106-186 Creative Writing 1: Autofictions
106-015 Backgrounds to English Literature
106-024 Introduction to Old English A
106-052 Gothic Fictions
625-102 Understanding Planet Earth
760-101 Creative Writing 1A
166-016 American Politics and Society
107-270 The 1950s: Film, Perfection & Propaganda